I've worked on the Hoosier Lottery business at two different agencies, and while the agencies were vastly different one thing was always the same- the quality of the work I did for them. Every TV spot I worked on for them raised sales by at least 3% and both the commercials and digital work generated a lot of chatter. One campaign was even picked up by 15 other states and rebranded. They say imitation is the truest form of flattery.

The Walking Dead Scratch-Off Campaign // From the moment this project was kicked off, I knew exactly how the TV spot was going to play out. What I didn't know is that 15 other states were going to like it enough to run it for their lotteries, as well. It also won top honors in the national lottery awards show. 



Powerball Shenanigans // When the Powerball is $15 million or more all the time, he gets a little cocky and pranks other things that think they are big. Like Big Ben and the Grand Canyon.


Jack Pots // When jackpot fatigue strikes there's only one thing to do if you're a lottery - remind people that even the lesser jack pots are still a big deal. Enter Jack Pots - the physical embodiment of large payouts. He encounters a few disadvantageous scenarios that center around his size.