The Kentucky Lottery has had record breaking sales over the last 7 years and some of the work I've done for them has been a part of that. Lottery accounts are fun, but when you have a success story like that, it makes it even better. 

Powerball and Mega Millions // Not playing your numbers can be stressful when you have a pattern of playing. It's even more stressful when you don't play your numbers and they win. This campaign has one simple message at its core - You can't win if you don't play. 

She got a ticket! // We did two versions of this spot that centers around a misunderstanding between a husband and wife. The first is a 30 and the second is an extended version for social media. 

Pickling Chickens // When you play as a team you win and you lose as a team. This group learns the hard way that technology isn't always your friend. And in this case, it's not a chicken's friend either. 

The band had their chance at fame // And to win at Powerball or Mega Millions. But they missed the bus. These two spots had alternate outcomes and we let the social media world weigh in on which was their favorite. You decide. 


Armchair Sports Dudes // We wanted to create some characters to break through the clutter during televised sporting events to let people know that lottery games are a fun way to celebrate or kill time when your team is stinking up the court. So we found these guys and came up with the Armchair Sports Dudes. Little factoid: I voiced the opening music. \m/


Lucky for Life: Mailbox // Win a thousand dollars a day and you'll be doing okay. You'll also really, really, really like your mailbox. 


Put your numbers to work // Pick 3 and Pick 4 are all about putting your lucky numbers to work. But when your numbers are slackers, it proves to be a little challenging to get them motivated to work. 


Mega Millions: Massage // All the new drawing times for Mega Millions is causing a bit of a problem for the guys down at the Lottery.  


Holiday Scratch-Offs // Capturing the spirit of the season and the wonderment of finding the perfect/easy gift to give is what this spot is all about. It's simple, beautiful and very, very focused. 


Agents of Play // The Agents of Play are on the lookout and fighting boredom every scratch of the way. Doing laundry? No fear,  they are there to serve and protect you against boredom. We created two spots and a bunch of 15 second spots for use in social media. They are still working.