Helping a brand find its cool is challenging, but having a client that was trying to claw their way back to the top allowed us to do some pretty fun, and break through work. 

SxSw Onion Takeover for IE9 // Internet browser ads in a newspaper? When we did the Onion takeover we had some fun even featuring the ever present download button in one.


SkyDrive with Aubrey Plaza // Using Aubrey Plaza to launch SkyDrive made sense on so many levels with the target of this cloud service. And with over 2 million views, I guess we were right. 


That's Watt He Said // Reggie Watts, known for his larger than life personality and his freestyle beatboxing, has a huge YouTube following of fans clamoring for his latest beats. With this site you could mix and loop a large set of Reggie’s samples into your very own mix.  In internet Explorer 10, using the media capture API, you were able to capture and create and share your own audio samples. 


Atari on Internet Explorer // To launch the reboot of Atari games on IE10 we had some fun blowing up Gamespot's homepage. 


Contrejour Launch // When Microsoft and Contrejour teamed up it was a beautiful thing. The new surface worked great to guide the one-eyed critter through each level. We did a complete page takeover for CNET that looked just like their site. The banner ads gave viewers a sense of what the game was like and were a lot of fun to work on, as well. 


IE + Surface = Amazing // When the new surface came out Internet Explorer was revamped and was really given a chance to shine with its larger, more finger-friendly buttons and fast responsiveness. We played up the touch aspect in these spots and used the Ting Tings to appeal to a younger, hipper audience.