Sitting at my desk the other day I looked down and saw this silver shiny disc thing that I didn't recognize, briefly. Then I remembered "Oh, yeah. That's a cd. That's what we used to save digital files to before cloud services, jump drives shaped like sushi and on our phones." It's crazy how fast technology renders things that were once useful completely useless. 

So many brands that should have adapted didn't and are now hurting for business. When was the last time you bought a component stereo system. Receiver, turntable, amp, speakers. They're all combined into one now with SONOS (ambigram!!!!!!!!). And it plays music from cloud services as well as a hooked up computer. If you're so inclined, you can kick it old skool and hook a turntable up to it. 


Technology is the thing that fantasies used t be made of. Like Star Trek communicators, stun guns, and watches you with cameras on them. Yes, we still haven't worked jetpacks out but damn close with water jetpacks.   

i digress, but do people still have landlines at home? I have this thing on my desk and it rings and I look at it like, "where's the person's picture? How come there's a cord?!?!? Not answering."


Having turned 50 recently, I can't help but wonder if technology will outsmart me soon. I set up this website as a testiment to my techno savviness and to continue to stay relevant. But will there be a Photoshop update that has an age limitation on it some day? "UNDER 25 ONLY!" Or a Logan's Run like bracelet that shows my expiration date? (If you don't get that reference, Google it.) 

Who knows what the future holds, but I know that I'm an early adapter and a quick study. And there aren't too many things I don't know how to do if I have the time to learn them. I will not be alone like that poor CD sitting on my desk. Or a phone that no one wants to pick up. I will be the next gen iPhone 33. Which is probably going to be a hologram, but still coveted. Hopefully.