Stopping by a coffee shop before heading to my TV edit this morning I noticed my pants pockets were a little on the chunky side. I started taking things out to reconfigure the arrangement in hopes of slimming it down a bit. After removing the contents of my pocket I found this.  

My daughter's power source. 

My daughter's power source. 

You find a lot of interesting things in your pocket when you're a father. Especially when you're a father of a highly creative and smart little girl that's full of personality. I have no idea what this thing really is, but it was presented to me as a token by which to remember my daughter during the course of the day and I was told it was her super power. 

Now, I have no doubt that my daughter has super powers, trust me - trying to get anything out of her hands is like wrestling with a gorilla, but I highly doubt her super power is kept within this charm/key ring. But it made me smile, it made me think about her, and it made me realize that life is awesome. So I guess it is her super power or at least a channel of it.  

Objects are interesting that way. If I would have found this on the street it would have a different meaning attached to it, entirely. I think brands are like that, too. Having experience with a brand or someone you know, maybe admire, being involved with a brand can give it a totally different meaning. Hire a celebrity and you take along their image, and sometimes baggage. Have a certain brand of bourbon at a friends and it instantly becomes familiar. Facebook friends, tweets and other social channels can attach meaning to brands as well. 

I doubt there's a brand out there that can make you as fired up a bout life as this little charm did for me today, but I guess there are some that come close.